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For over 25 years Rents is the reference for the rental sector.


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The world has changed, and hire Rents continues after more than two decades to help you manage it, but now with something extra.



No matter if you love Windows or iOS, Rents is deployed in cloud mode to allow you to use it with any operating system.


Rents 5 continues to offer itself as a simple and intuitive tool. You will be surprised by the ease of use.


Want to improve your response time and quality of service? Rents 5.0 is what you were looking for.


No need to invest in business infrastructure and manage the security of your data. Rents 5 will do it for you. Your data will always be available online.

Trial version

Rents 5.0

Trial version for 30 days

Experience the experience of this new product in the Cloud version.

Nothing to install, nothing to configure, just enter and .... your idea of ​​managing the rental will change.

From 4 to 5

Rents 5.0 offers different solutions and is always on the rise.


No investment in equipment. You just have to have an internet connection and that's enough. Windows, Apple, Linux, you will no longer have limitations.


Have you ever had the idea of ​​being lost and not knowing what to do next? With Rents you will never run this risk. You will always be under control wherever you are.


Our latest generation servers and high-speed connection (over 500 megabits) connect Rents 5.0 to the world.


Rents will give you a vision of everything, of the present, of the future and of the past. Graphics, statistics, planning everything will help you grow.


With us you can fly your business, certificate ISO, and do everything you've always wanted to improve the quality of your service.


With Rents 5.0 you can share your information with internal or temporary technical staff. In this way everyone will have clear ideas ... always.

A few numbers

Not only numbers, but reality. Rents changed the rental world.

Operators connected daily
Articles loaded


Customize your system by choosing the optimal solution for your business. You can start small and grow according to the future needs of your market.

  • € 49,5 by month
  • 1 Warehouse
  • Yes Smartphone access
  • Unlimited Access number
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Support Base (*)
  • Basic Package (**)
  • Buy now!
  • € 71,5 by month
  • 2 Stores
  • Technicians
  • Yes Smartphone access
  • Unlimited Access number
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • E-commerce
  • Support Base (*)
  • Business Package (**)
  • Buy now!
  • € 93,5 by month
  • 4 Stores
  • Technicians
  • Means of transport
  • Yes Smartphone access
  • Unlimited Access number
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • E-commerce
  • Support Base (*)
  • Professional Package (**)
  • Buy now!

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Compare the versions

Functionality Basic Comm Pro
Customer database
Means of transport - -
Preventive sales
Rental form
Transport doc.
Technicians -
E-commerce -
Unlimited operators access
Smartphone interface
Backup 7/7 days
Support online

Contact info

Rents 5 is a product of Synergy Solutions, SRL
Made in Italy
partita iva: 01820600169